Healing My Foot Using Tarot as a Guide – Part 2

This is continued from Healing My Foot Using Tarot as a Guide – Part 1

But when I put my full weight on my foot (after doing very few activities for three weeks other than to hobble about very short distances) I experienced the same agonizing pain in the ball of my foot as I initially did.  My foot hadn’t healed at all.  I was surprised and supremely disappointed, but now I was pretty sure that it wasn’t likely a broken toe that was hindering me but something else that I couldn’t identify.  I had an upcoming trip to visit my daughter in Spain in just two months and suddenly I was really concerned that my foot wouldn’t be better by then.  The trip was booked and I was going to visit my daughter either way so I decided to ask the Tarot if I would be able to walk normally on the trip.  The response would either put my mind at ease or allow me to prepare for a less active trip than I was used to.

Question I asked Tarot using one-card spread:  “Will my foot heal in time for my trip to Spain?”

XX-JUDGMENTThe card I chose was The Judgment card, which means to me “coming out of a difficult situation”, and so I relaxed and trusted that I would find a solution in time to enjoy my trip.  The difficult situation in this case was the difficulty I was having with my foot, and coming out of that would mean that it would be better in time for my trip.  At that moment I had no idea what the solution might be but I was hopeful that one was likely out there.   So what the reading primarily provided for me was hope, but certainly not a guarantee, that my foot was likely to heal in time for my trip.  This allowed me to remain optimistic, and less inclined to fret, which significantly reduced my stress in regards to the issue.  I’m not saying that I sat back and relaxed wishing for an answer to come knocking at my door as a result, I realized that I needed to do some leg work, but believing that a solution existed kept me searching for one.

schedule an appointment

After the reading I decided that it was probably the right time for a doctor to check my foot thinking he could recommend something to put in my shoe or find something about my foot I was not aware of (at this point I decided not to pursue the acupuncture route even though it had healed my tendinitis in the past.  It just intuitively felt like it was time to check in with a doctor).  During my appointment the doctor briefly examined my foot.  He then recommended I consult with a podiatrist whom he said “would take an x-ray, give me a shot in my foot and that would fix it up right away”.  For a moment I was tempted to go this route since a quick fix would solve my problem of needing to get around on my upcoming trip, but then my husband explained to me that the “magical” shot was cortisone and probably not the healthiest solution.

608-00456893A friend also told me that a cortisone shot didn’t work for her.   I researched online and found that most people experiencing pain in the ball of their foot, didn’t improve after cortisone shots.  I could now see what the earlier Tarot reading was suggesting to me that a doctor might not know how to effectively heal my foot.  Resting my foot for three weeks allowed me to identify on my own that my toe probably wasn’t broken.

What was I to do?  I decided to sleep on it and said a prayer asking for a solution to my foot ailment.

The next morning I mentioned to a friend that I didn’t think my toe was broken after all but that it was still was very painful to walk on.  She then shared with me that her son had a foot problem recently, a common ailment with joggers, and told me the name of his ailment.  That prompted me to research online to see if there was a foot condition that matched the symptoms I had been experiencing.  I was able to find something based on the location of the pain in my foot (between the ball of my foot and my middle toe), a condition called Mortons Neuroma.  Once I had a possible diagnosis I then looked for solutions and I concluded that custom orthotic inserts was the way to go.  With a little more research I found Good Feet, a store which makes custom orthotics, located five minutes away from my home.  Testimonials from previous customers seemed favorable but I had never heard of the place before and decided to double check by doing a one-card spread Tarot reading.  At this point I knew that custom orthotics would be my next step.  Tarot would point me in the right direction; either toward (green light) the Good Feet store, away from them (red light), or suggest that all the stores were about the same and it didn’t matter which one I chose.

Question I asked Tarot using one-card spread:  “Will Good Feet be a good solution for healing my foot?”

The card I chose was the Healing card (V of Pentacles), which was a green light for me, and I drove right over to check it out.

An hour and a half later I walked out of the store wearing my orthotics custom-made for my feet.  Apparently the pain I was experiencing was caused by additional stress placed on the ball of my foot due to lost strength in my arches.  The orthotics would ultimately strengthen my arches and allow me to walk pain-free again without surgery, drugs or having to wear ugly shoes.  I was thrilled with the hope of a solution.

Custom orthotics

Custom orthotics

Within one week after my visit to Good Feet I had my full mobility back when I wore the orthotics in my shoes, including when playing tennis and walking long distances.  I would be able to enjoy my trip to Spain without any restrictions as long as I remembered to bring the orthotics.

Fortune cookie

My fortune cookie the week I discovered the orthotics.

I have returned from my glorious trip to Spain where my daughter and I walked somewhere between 5 and 10 miles a day exploring Spanish Basque cities as well as Madrid, Segovia and Toledo.  I wore my orthotics every step of the way and I experienced no discomfort in my feet, none at all.  It was amazing.  The trip wouldn’t have been the same if I had not been able to walk as much as we did.


Healing My Foot Using Tarot as a Guide – Part 1


Out of the blue my left foot hurt when I walked on it.  Assuming the discomfort was caused by wearing new boots that weren’t designed for walking far, I inserted Dr. Scholl’s insoles into my footwear to relieve the pain.  But to my surprise this had no effect and shortly it became so painful to walk normally that I had to step on the side of my foot to get around which in no time had the rest of my body aching too.  This strongly motivated me to find a solution.  Then it occurred to me that perhaps I had broken my toe, after a vague recollection of kicking the leg of a chair, and that it would heal on its own because I had broken a toe in the past and it did heal on its own (after getting unnecessary x-ray).

Relieved to have discovered what might be wrong with my foot I decided to stop walking on it for a couple of weeks to allow it to heal naturally, like it did in the past, but I also wondered if I should check it out with a doctor or acupuncturist just in case something else was going on.  I knew that both the doctor and the acupuncture route would be expensive, and perhaps unnecessary, so I hesitated and decided to ask the Tarot for guidance before making any unnecessary appointments.

It’s important to know that I wasn’t expecting a “yes” or “no” answer from the Tarot.  What I was looking for was an encouraging nudge (green light), a caution (red light), or a neutral position (yellow light) on whatever question I would ask.

red yellow green light-123rf

Focusing on what my best options might be for healing my foot and/or toe, I asked the following questions doing a separate one-card spread for each inquiry.  Since I was asking three questions I would be looking to see which one, if any, had the most favorable response from the Tarot before making a decision.

PAGE OF CUPS1.  The first question I asked the Tarot was, “Will acupuncture treatments be the best way to heal my toe/ foot?”  Acupuncture had effectively healed tendinitis in my arm in the past and so I knew that it was effective in healing some injuries, but not all.

The card I chose was the spiritual growth card (Page of Cups) which to me in this situation meant that I was on the right track although not necessarily the solution.  This was more of a yellow light; not a caution nor an encouragement.  Since I prefer acupuncture treatment over conventional medical treatment I would consider this if my next question was also a neutral response.

0-THE FOOL2.  My second question was, “Will going to the doctor be the best way to heal my toe/ foot?”

The card I chose was The Fool – taking a risk.  I interpreted this to mean that I’d be going out on a limb and maybe it was not my best option.  The Fool card in this situation meant to me that the doctor might need to troubleshoot (take a chance) because he wouldn’t be sure how to heal my foot.  This didn’t seem like the best situation for me especially since I’m not open to surgery or drugs or huge doctor bills.  However, if other options didn’t heal my foot I would consider this as a last resort.

3.  My third question was, “Will resting my foot be the best way to heal it?”

The card I chose was Ace of Pentacles.  This particular card has developed a special ACE OF PENTACLESmeaning for me over the years and means “More than I expect.”  This of course can mean a variety of things, more of what?  I don’t know in advance what this always means but when I choose this card I pay attention.  The more that I have read Tarot the more I’ve noticed that certain cards will take on additional meanings for me.  I can’t explain exactly what I mean by this other than to say that when you read Tarot on a regular basis over time you will develop your own unique relationship with the cards.  So just be open to discovering your own personal interpretations, in addition to the ones assigned to the cards by others.  For me Ace of Pentacles in this situation meant that this option was most favorable.  I would focus on healing my toe by giving it a rest first, like I had in the past when I hurt my toe.  I decided I would stay off my foot for three weeks, to allow my broken toe (or whatever was going on) to heal, and then see how it was.

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Getting Started Reading Tarot: The One-Card Spread

Tarot Reader-Tarotschool.com

photo by tarotschool.com

Usually I decide to do a Tarot reading because I have a question about something I need guidance with.  My question can be about anything usually ranging somewhere between  ‘How is this relationship affecting me?’ to ‘which hotel will I enjoy staying at most?’.  There really are no limits or judgements to what question is asked.  The important thing is to focus on the question while doing the reading.

formulating questionSo the first thing to do is to sit at a table (the floor or bed can work in a pinch) and establish the question; what do you want guidance with?  If you are doing a reading for someone else it’s important that you help them decide on a question that will be most helpful to them, and for them to sit across from you.

Once the question has been decided upon the reader will then choose which spread to use.  For the majority of the readings I do these days, I use a one-card spread, meaning I only choose one card to do a reading.  Often the result of this one-card spread reading sparks a new question, and I then do a subsequent one-card reading with the new question in mind.  Sometimes I may do a string of many one-card readings so that a story unfolds giving a bigger picture to the original question.  This is an unconventional approach to readingTarot but over the years it has developed into what works best for me and is what I will focus on the majority of the time in this tutorial.  I intend to show examples of the one-card spread in future posts.  The most widely used spread is the Celtic Cross Spread which, in addition to many other types of spreads, is explained in numerous online resources and books.  Although when I first began to read Tarot I learned the Celtic Cross spread and other spreads, and found them to be of value, however I don’t intend to teach them here.

When both the question and spread have been decided upon, say a brief prayer of intention, then shuffle the deck of cards a couple of times like you would any conventional deck, focusing on the question as you shuffle.

Next place the full deck face down in front of you and cut the deck with your left hand (the left hand represents the heart).  If you are reading for someone else the person asking the question would cut the deck with their left hand.  Next place all the cards back into one stack face down and fan the cards out across the table so that each card is exposed enough to be selected.  The person asking the question will choose one card and then place it face up on the table.  View the card and see how it applies to the question.  You can access the meaning of each card by going to my Pinterest boards where I have scanned the entire Morgan Greer deck and included a brief meaning for each card.  I read Tarot using the Morgan-Greer deck but if prefer to use a different Tarot deck, the meaning of the cards will be the same.  If you have memorized the meaning of each card go with this while also noticing any additional information that might occur to you while viewing the card and focusing on the question.  Whatever comes to you first is usually the most accurate.

Steps for doing a one-card spread Tarot reading:

  1.   Decide on a question
  2.   Say a brief prayer to set the intention
  3.   Shuffle the deck
  4.   Cut the cards with left hand
  5.   Fan the cards out on the table (or flat surface)
  6.   Select a card with left hand and turn it over
  7.   See how the meaning of the card applies to your question, first ‘gut’ feeling is  usually the most accurate.
  8.  If a new question results from the reading, repeat the process making sure to return the first card you chose back into the deck so that you are playing with a full deck.

Tarot as a Guidance Tool

Morgan Greer DeckI learned to read Tarot in August of 1992 and I’ve used it ever since as one of many tools I use to guide my life when I am uncertain of direction.  Tarot was the first tool I was introduced to, and I was immediately compelled to learn it, and it has always been the one I’ve used most consistently over the years.

I  look at Tarot as a flashlight; a tool that sheds light on things when I’m in the dark or can’t see clearly.  Most of the time I have a question to ask.  Tarot doesn’t usually give me a direct answer but instead gives suggestions, helps to identify where I might be going astray, or reassures me that what I’m worried about is really just fine.

Tarot is more of a guidance tool that gives suggestions rather than hard core advice.  It’s not a crystal ball that looks into my future.  Tarot can look at my future but in a guidance type of way.  For example, it will suggest that the future outcome for my question might look a certain way based on what I am doing and thinking at the moment.  This can often serve as a clue to where I might be off-base in my thinking or outlook or my approach.  Most often it will remind me of what I already know but that I might be in denial or could be fearful about.

PAGE OF RODSFor example, I might know that I need to go back to school to advance in my profession but I haven’t wanted to do this because it would cost too much, require too much effort or the myriad of reasons why I may not want to.  I might do a Tarot reading asking what is the best course of action for getting ahead in my career.  I do a one-card spread and I choose the card that suggests education (Page of Rods).  I know this but I’ve been side-stepping the whole going-back-to-school thing, hoping I can get around it.  The card is reminding me that I need to learn more.  I could then do additional readings to determine if an online class would be enough or if a four-year degree would be the way to go.  Or I could check-in with myself about how I feel about getting additional education in this area.  I might decide that I don’t really like my job after all and it’s time to change careers or that I realize that I just need to bite the bullet and get the degree I’ve been putting off half my life.  Tarot can help me to move along the path by pointing to signs along the way, signs that might be otherwise hidden or obscured by my fears or by my limited view of my potential.


I used to believe that a person had to have special psychic abilities to read Tarot, that it required a sixth sense you were either born with or you weren’t.  Actually I didn’t even know what Tarot was all about until I had my first reading.  Turns out that anyone can learn to read Tarot.  All that is really required is a willingness to learn and a belief that it works.  When I first was learning to read Tarot I talked many of my family members in to having a reading because I was so enthused about the process and needed practice.  They would ask me how Tarot worked.  How can it make any sense, the cards are random, how can that give guidance?  I told them that it wasn’t a logical process and that it couldn’t be explained in an intellectual kind of way.  It required trust or faith.  So, how do you have faith in something you don’t really understand?  I found that the more I read Tarot the stronger my faith in it became because what it revealed was consistently profound.


Tarot is a method of “reading” pictures from the intuitive side of the brain.  Do you have to be psychic to be good at reading Tarot?  I believe we are all intuitive which means that everyone can learn to read Tarot and use it the way that suits them.  I learned to memorize the cards but many people refer to a “cheat sheet” when doing their readings, and no memorization is then required.


I usually use to Tarot when I have an area in my life I’m uncertain about.  I ask a question and the cards reveal a suggestion or give me clarity of what’s really going on.  My question can be large or small.

A friend of mine once described intuitive readings (astrology, palm reading, Tarot, etc.) as a way to get another view of the tree.  His analogy was that you could look at an issue, or the tree, from many views if you looked at it from many angles.  Tarot is one of the angles.  It can give you a unique perspective but it’s not the entire answer or solution.  It’s like a supplement to common sense, gut feeling and rational thinking; it helps to give a full perspective of the issue.

The Lighten Up Process

amethyst necklace3

After Kathleen explained the meanings of all of the Tarot cards we took a break for lunch.  We were a lively group as we talked enthusiastically about what we were learning.  It was an unusual topic and not something most people knew much about so I was keen to meet others who shared my interest in Tarot.  There was a woman there named Carol Hansen (she is now Carol Hansen Grey) and I first noticed her because of the large, beautiful amythest necklace she wore.  I hadn’t seen anything quite like it and I asked her what it was.  That began our conversation which lasted a couple of days.  We’ve been friends ever since.

Not long after the Tarot class Carol developed a process called Lighten Up, a powerful tool for increasing self love.  She, and her husband Victor, traveled around the states teaching Lighten Up classes for several years.  Recently she wrote about this process in an ebook called “How Do I Love Myself: Learn a Magical 5 minute-a-day Process” so that everyone can easily access this amazing tool.

Carol, Victor and I in 1994

Carol, Victor and I in 1994

In 1995, A couple of years after I met Carol, I wrote a short story about our meeting and her success with the Lighten Up process (she lost 92 pounds, lowered her cholesterol by 80 points, and no longer needed blood pressure medication).  The story I wrote, Revealing the Magic Inside, is shown below (note that I have changed how we met to set up a lead-in to her Lighten Up success).


Tarot Tutorial – The Minor Arcana


The Minor Arcana cards represent every day life and are divided into four suits, rods (or wands), pentacles (or coins), cups and swords.  Each suit contains 14 cards (Ace, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, Page, Knight, Queen and King) and has a theme representing a different area of life.  Rods = creativity and learning, Pentacles = money and communication, Cups = emotions, Swords = intellect.

In general, the Aces represent beginnings, ie: a new relationship or a fresh start.  Knights have to do with the coming and going of matters, ie: Knight of Cups generally means the coming and going of relationships.  Pages usually have something to do with receiving a message as in Page of Swords can be the message of a warning.

To view the Minor Arcana cards, and a brief meaning for each, go to my Pinterest boards following the links below:





All Cards

Tarot Tutorial – The Major Arcana

Major Arcana diagonalThe Major Arcana cards represent archetypes; a range of human experiences we all share.  They are numbered using Roman numerals, 0 thru XXI.

This post is a continuation of The Meaning of the Cards.  I have placed the complete set of Major Arcana cards on Pinterest, with a brief meaning for each card, in quotes, as presented to us by Kathleen in her class (verbatim from my notes).  I have also added a few words of my own (not in quotes).

As I mention in the previous post, it really helps to remember the meaning of each card when you look at its visual elements.  If you don’t intend to memorize the cards, you can still do readings simply by referring to the meanings I present here.